My designs are "One of a Kind" because I don't want my customers to see themselves in look alike hats. Each one is special for the lady wearing it". 

H​ATS by DI-Anne



   I am an Award Winning Designer of Haute Couture hats, fascinators and perchers for women.  I have been creating unique one of a kind hats and fascinators for over 10 years.  My creative vision has been enlisted by some of Hollywood's elite like Lady Gaga, where I created a Dianne Isbell Custom hat for Lady Gaga's new perfume line FAME in 2012.

I  create and custom design hats for every occasion


  •     Kentucky Derby Hats, Fascinators and Perchers
  •   Wedding Hats, Fascinators and Perchers

  •    Church Hats, Fascinators and Perchers
  •   Special Occasion Hats, Fascinators and Perchers
  •   Themed Party Hats, Fascinators and Perchers
  •   Black Tie Event Hats, Fascinators and Perchers  


     As a little farm girl, I loved to "play dress up" in my mother's clothes, hats and "high-heel" shoes.  I would sneak the clothes out of the house and play "fashion lady" in one of our many barns or big sheds.   My Mom wasn't too happy about that and decided to just give me an old outfit or two and pair of shoes.   Wearing a hat to church made me feel special.

     After high school, I began working for the Federal Government, and went to night school on my own to get both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree.    As I progressed into the mid-executive levels of civil service, I was selected as a protocol director for a very large, worldwide major command.     From that evolved the founding of my own business, Etiquette Plus.  ​

     In addition to teaching etiquette and manners at colleges and universities, corporations, organizations, and individuals, I decided to start teaching little girl etiquette tea classes.   What fun for these little girls to "dress up" like I did when I was little!    In addition to purses, jewelry, gloves, boas and umbrellas, I made beautiful Victorian-style hats for them to wear as they learned about the history of tea and tea manners.    I truly enjoyed designing and making these hats.   They were a hit for the girls and their mothers as well, with lots of picture taking of little girls acting like real ladies! 

     From that evolved requests for me to design and make hats for family, friends, and then boutiques, and vend at various events all over the country.   Hence, I founded another company:  Dianne Creations,  which I recently have more aptly named:  HATS by DI-Anne.

      I'm so delighted to have you visit to my website to look at some of my one-of-a kind custom-designed hats and fascinators.  I
f you are that fashionable lady who appreciates the beautiful, then I am the designer for you.